WIBBEN DETASSELING COMPANY
Cale Wibben   Sarah Nowlen
PO Box 117    Emden IL 62635    Phone (217) 376-3230   Alt (217) 671-2724
www.wibbendetasseling.com       www.facebook.com/wibbendetasseling         www.cale@wibbendetasseling.com

We are preparing for another great detasseling season!

Pullers ~ $7.75 or $8.25/hour Pay is $7.75 under 18 years of age and $8.25 over 18years of age.

Attendance bonus ~ attendance bonuses are for field time hours and are paid at the end of the season.                               Perfect attendance - bonus of $1.50 for each field work hour - Miss 1 day $1.25 per hour, Miss 2 days $1.00 per hour, Miss 3 days $.75 per hour, Miss 4 days $.50 per hour, miss 5 days $.25 per hour.

Not completing the work day (clocking out early) may count against your attendance bonus. You are still paid for hours worked if you clock out early.

Paid bus travel time!  Workers will be paid for the bus travel time from their pickup spot to the field and from the field back to their pickup spot.

Crew boss ~ $1.00/hour bonus. Workers will receive an additional $1.00 per hour for crew boss hours.  Crew boss positions will be filled on a daily basis from the worker pool.  These positions are not necessarily filled with the fastest pullers.  A good crew boss is much more than a good puller.  They are responsible for the physical well being of their crew as well as their morale.  They are accountable for the quality and the quantity of their crew's work.  They must be a teacher, a supervisor, a leader, and a friend to their crew. Crew bosses are also responsible for general behavior on the bus. They are expected to monitor, address, and if nessacery, report inappropriate behavior or issues on the bus. We expect a lot from our crew bosses, but we do offer some extras, such as the chance to develop leadership skills on the job and extra pay.                                                         Crew boss bonus and attendance bonus will be paid on your final check.        

We require two forms of ID from every employee. We must have photocopies of your IDs before your application is considered complete. The most commonly used forms of ID are either your social security card or birth certificate (from the state or county, not the hospital) AND either state driver’s license, school ID, or report card.  See Federal Form I-9 for more ID options. We hire returning workers first, then we hire in the order of completed applications, based on availability.

We communicate extensively via Facebook, and on our website. Please check the website daily after 6 Pm to see if there are any changes to the schedule. We highly recommend that you friend us on Facebook so that you can be up to date on daily happenings. When contacting us on Facebook please do so in a private message, otherwise we might miss your comment in the newsfeed and not be able to answer you!

Workers will be paid directly by Wibben Detasseling. FINAL PAYDAY WILL BE 3 DAYS AFTER THE SEASON ENDS.  We will hand out paychecks at your sign up location. If you can’t pick it up, we will mail it to you. We keep detailed records of daily hours worked by each employee, but we also recommend that you keep track of your hours for your own information. Hours are posted on the buses periodically, or you can call or Facebook message any time with questions about your hours. Workers are paid from the time you start work in the first field till the time you finish work in the last field, minus a half hour for lunch. Water and snack breaks are paid. This year bus travel time between your pick up spot and the field is paid both ways, as well as travel time between fields. Times are rounded to the closest 15 minutes.

BUS CONDUCT: All employees must ride the bus to work. No personal vehicles are allowed. While on the bus, your driver is your boss. Respect them. Stay in your seat and keep the aisles clear. Pick up your trash, on the bus and at the pickup spots. Good behavior on the bus and at the pickup spots is just as important as when in the field.

As we start the season, the speed at which you travel through the field will be dictated by your ability to pull tassels to our quality control standards.  The standards are very simple:  if a plant still has a tassel in it, pull it out.  The only reason any of us are getting paid is to eliminate tassels - all of them.   Poor work quality and/or a poor attitude can threaten your job.  If you don't understand what to look for, ask your crew boss or supervisor for a refresher course. As the season progresses, so should your speed.

If you see something dangerous or inappropriate, tell your supervisor. If you have a problem on the job, physical or mental, tell your supervisor immediately.  We can’t correct it if we don’t know about it. Report any injury immediately, no matter how minor. If you feel you need medical attention after going home for the day please notify us or call Monsanto’s nurse, Bernita Johnson, at 217-303-1579 before going to the doctor.Treat your fellow workers the way you would like to be treated. Poor attitude, inappropriate language, cursing and inappropriate subject matter can jeopardize your job.

Following are a few things that will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate job termination:
•    Absolutely no alcohol or drugs will be tolerated
•    No belligerent behavior                     
•    No fighting or attempting to start a fight
•    No tampering with anyone else's possessions, especially lunches
•    No dangerous horseplay
•    No smoking on the buses or in the field-For those over 18, smoking is allowed on lunch and breaks.
•    No harassment of any sort.

Following the rules and being prepared will help us all have a successful season!


We will not know the exact start date for detasseling until 2 days before the season starts. My best guess right now is between the 1st and 6th of July. I will call or facebook each employee as soon as I have a start date for you. Every season is different, some seasons i may not be able to contact everyone for the first day. DO NOT JUST SHOW UP AT THE BUS IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN CONTACTED. I will contact and let you know your start date as soon as i can.                        THANX, CALE

Detasseling is a job where things change day to day, so it is important to check the web site every evening after 6:00pm through the season. It's no fun to show up at the pick up to find out the bus is not running. Don't listen to rumors, check each evening after 6:00pm to make sure your area is working.