main rules

*absolutely no talk of or possession of drugs or alcohol

*no belligerent behavior

*anyone fighting or attempting to start a fight will be terminated  immediately

*no tampering with each others possessions, especially lunches

*dangerous horseplay is not allowed

*no harassment of any sort

*no swear words, cussing

*no throwing any objects

As you can see, the list is not long. beyond that we ask that you treat others the way you would like to be treated. Use common sense in situations that could hurt you or someone else. If you have a problem on the job, physical or mental, notify one of our people. we want to know about them and get them corrected.

We want to provide work conditions that are as pleasant as possible, while still getting the job done. Sometimes, pleasant as possible, is not very pleasant. On some days you will be hot, on some you will be wet and cold, and on most days you will be tired and sore. Under these conditions, you will, undoubtedly, have periods when you are a bit irritated and may have your temper flare. If this happens, remember to keep your cool and let a leader know your situation and we will help you out.

Detasseling can be a lot of fun. It's a great chance to get valuable work experience,to make money, and meet new friends. However, it is also a physically demanding job. The job requirements for the 2017 season are as follows: You must be able to walk long distances, up to 5 miles a day, on uneven terrain. You must be prepared to work all day in weather extremes such as cold mornings, hot afternoons, rain and mud. You must be able to stand and walk for up to 7 hours, excluding lunches and breaks.

Clocking out before the work day is over may count against your attendance bonus. Clocking out early because your hot, tired, or just plain unprepared is not acceptable, and, at our discretion, will lead to job termination. This is not meant to scare you, it's to let you know what is expected so that you can be prepared fot the job. Proper foot wear is very important. You need to wear good fitting tie on shoes with socks that are taller than the top of your shoes. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND RUBBER BOOTS, you may wear rubber boots in the mornings but you have to have another pair of shoes to change into after the corn dries. Rain gear is recommended everyday, weather it looks like rain or not. You must bring a lunch and some snacks everyday. It's best to bring more food than you think you will need, you use a lot of energy detasseling so you need to eat a lot of food. EATING BREAKFAST EACH DAY IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO TO HAVE A GOOD DAY. Avoid sugar snacks, sodas, and energy drinks. These may make you feel better for a while, then cause a sugar crash leaving you exhausted. Wear or bring warm clothes for the cool mornings and DRY CLOTHES (especially a change of socks) to wear after the corn has dried out and for the way home. MAKE SURE YOU SHOWER EACH DAY AS SOON AS YOU GET HOME.