Valuables: Leave your IPod and your wallet at home. If you must bring your phone, leave it in your lunch box, or with your bus driver. Anything lost in the field is next to impossible to find. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. If you have any medical conditions, such as allergies or asthma, or require daily medication let your supervisor know before beginning work.
Eating a big breakfast is the single most important thing you can do to have a good day!!!
For a successful Detasseling season we require you to wear or bring each day:
*RAIN GEAR - Bring this every day whether it looks like it’s going to rain or not!
(A poncho or a large trash bag with holes cut for your head and arms will work.)
*Your lunch – bring more food than you think you will need. Avoid sugary snacks, soda, or energy drinks.
*Comfortable tie on tennis shoes or boots - high tops are highly recommended–avoid loose, floppy rubber boots. If you choose to wear rubber boots, you MUST also bring some other shoes to change into when the corn dries out or it starts getting hot.
*Avoid ankel socks, make sure your socks are taller than your shoes.                                                                                                   *A long sleeve shirt – thin, light colored cotton is best.
*Long pants – thin cotton type fabric is best. Jeans take a long time to dry.
*A bandana to tie around your neck.
*Water is supplied at the field, and everyone is encouraged to bring a jug or bottle for drinking on the bus.
*Bring something warm to wear in the morning, and something dry to wear on the way home.
*To avoid chaffing and discomfort, we recommend you wear compression shorts or some under amour type leggings under your pants.
*You are responsible for any daily medication you may need. (Inhaler for asthma, Epipin for bee sting.)
All workers are required to wear safety glasses, hats with nets, and gloves in the field at all times. Safety glasses, net hats and gloves are provided. If you want to wear your own sunglasses, get them at a hardware store. They must be SAFETY GLASSES and be stamped with a “Z-87”. If you wear prescription glasses you must wear safety glasses over them or safety side shields (provided). You must wear long pants and a sleeved shirt~no shorts or tank tops!  You MUST wear your safety equipment and proper attire at all times in the field. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.
Following the rules and being prepared will help us all have a successful season!